Welcome to Domina Equites!

Domina Equites is Latin for lady knights. This is a campaign was started for female players only. We have opened the game up to everyone now that our new to gaming players have a grasp of the system and role playing in general. So welcome! Enjoy! And let’s make some magic happen!

The campaign is set in a land made up of islands both large and small. Each island has a different geography, climate, and culture. For those characters that are wanderers, some sort of sea travel skill is a good idea, be it the sailing profession or simply swimming.

I prefer story and role playing to endless mechanics and dungeon crawling, though I do incorporate both for a balanced game experience. Expect puzzles, plots, and plenty of action with a little silliness thrown in. If you are going through a dungeon there is going to be a reason for it, even if it’s just to earn some gold. I like my players to feel challenged and excited when they figure something out or beat a boss but never overwhelmed.

If you are interested in the game or new to the game please read my Rules for Keeping Things Fun

I also have a page on Character Backgrounds to help you get started with the story aspect.