Spring Planting Festival


Date: Late March or Early April

This festival honors the start of spring and is meant to bring health to the new seeds for the year. The festival lasts for 1 week. The day that the festival starts is different every year, being determined by local seers and clerics of Chauntea to choose the best day to start planting. The day after the festival ends the planting for the year begins.

This is a very large festival that brings in merchants and entertainers from the surrounding isles and farther abroad. It is also the one week a year that the island of commerce is not the primary location for trade.

Reigning Deity

Chauntea, Goddess of agriculture, farmers, gardeners and summer


Dasaria Fields of the World

The festival grounds has been in use for thousands of years. Over time it has expanded and improved, with cobblestone covering nearly a square mile of space. The trade and performance areas all crowd into this space with animal traders, sleeping areas and the less desirable elements of any large gathering spreading out into the surrounding fields. During the festival this area is a swirl of colors, sounds, smells and excitement. The rest of the year this space is empty and barren, the cobbled area stretching out strangely with crops growing all around.


Spring Planting Festival

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