Underwater Wonderland

Island Information Phish
Capital Albacore
Size Category Small
Population Estimated at 10,000
Imports Wood, plant based foods
Exports Sea food, pearls, coral
Economic Strength Medium
Dominate Races Aquatic Elves 30%
Triton 20%
Merfolk 20%
Locathah 10%
Other 10%
Haravani 5%
Human 5%
Religions Istishia,Umberlee
Government Structure Dual Monarchy
Current Ruler
Noble Families

Phish appears to be one of the smaller islands in the Great seas of Maris Fatum. For those that know its secrets vast underwater adventures await.

The Land



Albacore is the only city on the island of Phish as well as its capital. The city is laced with streams and canals and has two districts, the Top Side and the Underneath. The Top Side includes the warehouses and primary marketplaces. This is the section that most visitors interact with and few natives live. This is also where most of the palace is located. The Underneath is located inside the island itself and can be accessed from a large staircase in the center of the city or through the ocean. This is where the natives live and spend most of their time.


While the island of Phish itself is fairly small, it actually encompasses a much larger area then can be seen from the surface.

Notable Locations

The Hags Swamp
Haravani Village

This village sits on a peninsula on the southern side of the island. It is made entirely of Haravani of the seal and otter variety. Their giant seals and otters, as well as their warriors, guard the village and surrounding waters from Sahuagin and other raiders. Village structures are built out of whale bone and hide, shark hide and large branches of local coral.

The Haravani here mainly farm shellfish on the protected reefs near their village, especially oysters for their pearls. They also venture beyond their calm waters in order to hunt larger fish and even sharks in the open ocean. These hunts are part of their culture, though they do trade their high quality pearls for food when times are tough.

The Haravani peacefully coexist with the city of Albacore and its inhabitants. They respect the domestic fish schools and do not poach. Though they are wary of outsiders they are friendly and helpful once you gain their trust.

Ruined Temple of Umberlee

Politics and Economy



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Groups and Factions

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